The Community Library Project serves as a lab for developing, refining and sharing ideas about how to successfully run libraries in the diverse communities we serve. Curriculum development is part of that mission. Below are links we hope you’ll find helpful. We’ll continue to update this page as we improve or develop material.



  • Read Aloud: All about our read aloud programs, including links to posters and lesson plans. Demo videos also available.



  • Poetry: There are many ways to teach students to read and write poetry, but our poetry resource page has ideas for teaching in both Hindi and English.


  • Head Start: Head Start to Reading is a weekly early intervention aimed at introducing 4-6 year-old readers to the pleasures of reading.


  • Other Resources: Here are some of the things we do to build membership engagement with our library.


You are welcome to use and adapt and share any of our resources: they are open source. We do, however, request that you acknowledge where you got them--and that you let us now.